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March 7, 2023

Adding motion blur to text in After Effects

Motion blur is a commonly used feature of After Effects. It automatically blurs layers based on movement. But how do you add a motion blur to something that doesn’t move? Like text.

Whether you’re animating a number, a time, or something being typed out – there actually isn’t any movement taking place. You are just changing the source text. The native motion blur feature in After Effects doesn’t know there is any motion to blur.

That’s why I built a text motion blur feature into Type.

Text motion blur works by analyzing any changes to a given character within a text layer from frame to frame.

You can determine the maximum horizontal and vertical blur amount. The falloff – or the number of frames the blurriness persists. And the balance – how much it factors in previous frames vs future frames. You can also turn on right alignment, which inverts the character index – basically what you want to do if you text is right aligned.

Text motion blur is included in Type – the ultimate toolset for working with text layers in After Effects.

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