Count Guide

Learn how to use Count to make automatic time counters in After Effects.

How to install Count

Download the Count preset and drag the Count.ffx file to:

Documents → Adobe → After Effects 2023* → User Presets

* or your current version

Inside After Effects, navigate to the Effects & Presets window. You should be able to find the preset by searching "count". If not, open the dropdown menu and select "Refresh List."

How to use Count

Step 1 - Create a text layer

Within a composition, create a text layer. You can give it placeholder text (i.e. “1:23”) and adjust the styling however you like.

Step 2 - Apply preset

With the text layer selected, double click the Count preset to apply it.

Step 3 - Customize count setting

With the text still selected, navigate to the Effect Controls. Under the Count effect, you can customize your newly created time counter.


Adjust the speed of your time counter. Use negative percentage (i.e. -100%) to create a countdown.


Adjust the time at the start of your time counter.


Choose what specific time increments will be displayed. Auto-collapse will hide time increments that are less than 0.

Step 4 - Monospace (Count Pro only)

When using monospacing, set the paragraph alignment of your text layer to center – you will be able to change the visible alignment under the Text Alignment control.

On / Off - Turns monospacing on. This forces each character to take up the same horizontal space.

Spacing - This sets the amount of space between each character.

Text Alignment - Sets the text alignment of the number.


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