Nice O Metric Guide

Learn how to use Nice O Metric to instantly create isometric 3d scenes in After Effects.

How to install Nice O Metric

Step 1 - Install script

Move the Nice O Metric.jsxbin file to the After Effects Scripts UI Panels folder.

After Effects (2023) > Scripts > Script UI Panels

Step 2 - Allow scripts

In After Effects, make sure “Allow Scripts to Write Files and Access Network” is on.

Preferences > Scripting & Expressions > “Allow Scripts to Write Files and Access Network”

Step 3 - Open Nice O Metric

In After Effects, open the Nice O Metric script.

Window > Nice O Metric.jsxbin

Step 4 - Activate license

Upon purchase of Nice O Metric, you will receive a license code.

You can retrieve your license code from your Gumroad account.

Step 5 - Dock Nice O Metric panel

Now you can dock Nice O Metric anywhere in your workspace. Nice O Metric features a responsive layout, to help it fit any workspace.

Add isometric camera

The add isometric camera button creates a new camera layer called Nice O Metric.

The camera will automatically be set to an isometric position based on the size of the current comp.

Any 3d layers will now appear isometric.

Apply extrusion

The apply extrusion button adds a pseudo extrusion to the selected layer(s). It will also make the layer a 3d layer (if it’s not already).

Pseudo extrusion?

The effect is made with a stack of native After Effects effects (essentially a long shadow). With the perspective of an isometric camera this is all you need to transform a 2d layer into 3d.

You can control the Extrusion Height and Extrusion Color via Effect sliders without worrying about any of the other effects. You can also control the defaults in Settings.


The Settings panel is where you can change the default Extrusion Height and default Extrusion Color.

Note: You must be within a comp when changing the Extrusion Color.

KBar Integration

Nice O Metric is designed to work with KBar.

Included with Nice O Metric is a Nice O Metric.kbar file. You can load this from your KBar panel to bring all of the buttons of Nice O Metric to KBar automatically.

To manually add a Nice O Metric button to KBar, point the script to the Nice O Metric.jsxbin file, then specify the proper argument. Here are the acceptable arguments for Nice O Metric:

  • niceCam
  • extrude
  • settings

Note: Nice O Metric will automatically verify your license when running a Nice O Metric function through KBar. The initial action each session may take longer than normal.


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