Pearelax Guide

Learn how to use Pearelax to create 3d parallax effects in After Effects

How to install Pearelax

Step 1 - Install script

Add Pearelax.jsxbin to the Scripts UI Panels folder.

After Effects (2023) > Scripts > Script UI Panels > Pearelax.jsxbin

Step 2 - Allow scripts

In After Effects, make sure “Allow Scripts to Write Files and Access Network” is turned on.

Preferences > Scripting & Expressions > “Allow Scripts to Write Files and Access Network”

Step 3 - Open Pearelax

In After Effects, open the Pearelax script.

Window > Pearelax.jsxbin

Step 4 - Activate license

Upon purchase of Pearelax, you will receive a license code.

You can retrieve your license code from your Gumroad account.

Step 5 - Dock Pearelax panel

Now you can dock Pearelax anywhere in your workspace.

How to use Pearelax

Pearelax calculates everything based on the active camera of the composition. If you are planning on using a 3d camera, I recommend you add it to your composition before using Pearelax.

With the Pearelax panel open, select the 3d layer or layers you want to adjust.

In the number field, set the amount you want to adjust your layer(s).

If px is selected, it will adjust the layer(s) based on the z position in pixels. If % is selected, it will adjust the layer(s) based on the scale as a percentage.

Click the Push button to adjust the selected layer(s). This will adjust each selected layer equally.


The Stagger button will stack the adjustment across the selected layers.

For example, if the offset is set 100px, the first layer of the selection will be offset 100px, the second 200px, the third 300px, etc. If the offset is set to 200%, the first layer of the selection will be offset 200%, the second layer 400%, the third 800%, etc.


The Controls button works similarly to the Push button, but instead adds an effect to the layer which you can adjust via the Effect Controls.

To stagger controls across multiple layers, hold shift while clicking the control button.

This method allows for more control when fine tuning the position and scale of your layers.

Note: This will parent the targeted layer to an empty shape layer. You can easily remove the parent and the effect with the next button.

Bake controls

Once you’ve got a layer’s position and scale where you want it, you can bake the controls by clicking the bake button.

This will help clean up your composition and remove expressions to help performance.

Zero out

This button will reset the z position to 0 and the scale to 100%.

Note: This assumes you haven’t manually adjusted the z position or the scale. If you have, it will zero it out based on either px or % depending on which is selected.


In the settings you can turn on Auto enable 3d. This will automatically toggle on the 3d when trying to adjust a layer that is 2d.

Note: This will only work if the comp has at least one visible 3d layer or an active camera.