Bounding Box

After Effects Preset
Automatically create a bounding box around any layer in After Effects.



How it works

Step 1. Add bounding box

With nothing selected, apply the Bounding Box preset from the Effects & Presets panel.

Step 2. Parent box to layer

Parent the bounding box to the layer you would like to create a bounding box around.

Step 3. Customize bounding box

Under the Bounding Box effect you can customize the appearance of the bounding box.


Why am I getting an expression error?

When you initially add a bounding box there will be an expression error until you parent it to another layer.

If you are still getting expression errors, make sure your expression engine is set to JavaScript.

File > Project Settings > Expression Engine > Expressions > JavaScript

Can I create a bounding box around a group of layers?

You can create a bounding box around a pre-comp. Or you can use Get Rect Pro to create a rectangle around multiple layers, then create a bounding box around that rectangle.