Get Rect 2


Get Rect 2

After Effects Script UI Panel
Make smart rectangles that conform to any layer in After Effects.



Smart rectangles in After Effects.

Get Rect 2 is a powerful After Effects tool designed to help you create perfect rectangles, track mattes, bounding boxes, lower thirds, and more.

Shape your ideas.

Create a smart rectangle that conforms to any source. Or multiple sources.

As each source changes size and position, your rectangle will automatically resize. It’s basically sourceRectAtTime() on steroids.

Multi source rectangles

Minimal design. Maximum power.

The Get Rect 2 UI is designed for any workspace and any skill level. Quickly make the perfect sized rectangle – or use the advanced features to customize like never before.

Keep the panel small for quick rectangles, or make it bigger to reveal all the features.

Get Rect 2 Script UI Panel

Think inside the box.

Make pixel perfect track mattes or bounding boxes. Customize the source time or create static rectangles for easy animation transitions.

Adjust each corner radius independently for infinite customization.

Bounding boxes in After Effects

The ultimate tool box.

Get Rect 2 comes fully equipped with extra functionality that goes beyond the bounds of a standard rectangle.

Split strokes to their own layer. Animate strokes. Bake shape layers and more.

Get Rect After Effects toolbox

Lower thirds machine.

Each rectangle is made with native After Effects shapes and expressions – no plugins or effects required for other users. Perfect for handing off projects or creating your own After Effects templates or MOGRT files.

Automatically animate each rectangle and snap the edge to any side.

make lower thirds in After Effects


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How does the license work?

Each license is valid for 1 user. You will need an internet connection to activate your license initially. Using Get Rect 2 on a separate machine will require reactivation.

Upon purchase, you will be emailed a license code. You can also retrieve this from your Gumroad account.

What was the original Get Rect?

The original Get Rect was an After Effects preset. Get Rect 2 is a dock-able After Effects script with way more features and customizations. It also includes functionality from other legacy tools such as Bounding Box and Progress Bar.

I paid for Get Rect or Bounding Box. Do I get a discount?

Yes, if you paid/donated for the original Get Rect or Bounding Box, email and I will give you a credit toward Get Rect 2.

Why are the Track Matte features not working?

The Track Matte features of Get Rect 2 rely on the Track Matte functionality added to After Effects (2023). Earlier versions of After Effects will still be usable, but you'll need to update to a newer version of After Effects to unlock all the features.

Can I sell templates made with Get Rect 2?

Yes. Everything generated with Get Rect 2 utilizes native After Effects functionality – meaning end users do not need a copy of Get Rect 2 in order to use your project files.

You can create After Effects templates and MOGRTs for any use. No attribution required (though it is appreciated).