Get Rect

After Effects Preset
Create a smart rectangle that automatically conforms to other layers inside After Effects.



It's never been easier to Get Rect!

Create perfect text boxes in After Effects.

Get Rect Free

✨ Conforms to text automatically

🕵️‍♂️ Ignores ascenders and descenders

⚙️ Customizable margins

👉 Customizable offset

🎨 Style however you want

🙌 Compatible with other Tools

Get Rect Free vs Get Rect Pro

Get Rect Pro

💸 Everything from free version

🤯 Automatically conforms to multiple layers

💪 Conform to anything (not just text)

🤓 Toggle on/off ignore ascenders & descenders


Why am I getting an expression error?

When you initially add a bounding box there will be an expression error until you parent it to another layer.

If you are still getting expression errors, make sure your expression engine is set to JavaScript.

File > Project Settings > Expression Engine > Expressions > JavaScript

Can I connect more than 4 sources?

Yes. Use multiple Get Rect Pro layers in order to go beyond the limit of 4. You can use one Get Rect layer to be the source of another Get Rect layer.