Parental Controls


Parental Controls

After Effects Script UI Panel
Attach layers to the actual text, path, or shape of their parent.



How it works

Step 1. Select a child layer

Select any layer in After Effects that has a parent.

Step 2. Add controls

Pick a horizontal and/or vertical constraint for the child layer.

Step 3. Freely resize parent layers

Now you can freely change or keyframe the path, shape, or text of the parent layer and the position of the child layer will adjust automatically.


Have a different question?
How is this different than normal parenting?

Normal parenting only affects the scale, position, and rotation of the children.

Parental Controls lets you attach layers to the actual bounding box of their parent. When the parent size changes (separate from scale) the child will move appropriately.

Can I use this for templates?

Yes! Parental Controls was designed with templates in mind. Please link to this page when you can!