After Effects Script UI Panel
Control the duration and timing of layers, keyframes, or entire comps.



Control time and space.

Speed up or slow down whatever you want. Exactly how you want.

Speed After Effects Panel UI

See into the future.

Speed features a simple, but powerful interface. Easily control the speed of everything with a slider.

Quickly and precisely preview changes right within the timeline before you make them.

Preview changes with the CTI before they're made

Revisions just got easier.

Speed up or slow down an entire section, while nudging everything next it to it.

Nudge adjacent layers or adjacent keyframes.

Nudge adjacent layers or keyframes

Simple controls.
Deep magic.

Speed lets you warp any selection. Keyframes, layers, or entire comps. You can even warp the contents of pre-comp and the contents of any pre-comp within that comp, and the content of any pre-comp within that comp…

Control the speed and duration of keyframes

Go back in time.

Layers, keyframes, comps.

Speed lets you reverse the timing of anything.

Anything of timing the reverse you lets Speed.

Reverse the timing of anything in After Effects

The speed of sound.

Magically keep your sound effects in sync and undistorted when the speed of everything else changes.

Speed will automatically adjust the start time of your audio layers without changing the speed of the sound itself (unless you want to).

Automatically adjust the timing of SFX


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How does the license work?

Each license is valid for 1 user. You will need an internet connection to activate your license initially. Using Speed on a separate machine will require reactivation.

Upon purchase, you will be emailed a license code. You can also retrieve this from your Gumroad account.

Can I handoff a project with Speed?

Yes. Speed adjusts the timing of your layers and keyframes. No plugins or effects required.

How is this different than time stretching?

Time stretching is done individually with each layer. Speed instead adjusts your entire selection as a single group. And adjusts the start times, in/out points, and actual keyframes accordingly.

With Speed you can also adjust selected keyframes, nudge adjacent layers or keyframes, snap to keyframes, and automatically adjust comp or layer duration.