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April 27, 2023

Change the timing of anything in After Effects with Speed

Introducing Speed for After Effects.

Speed an After Effects Script UI that allows you to quickly speed up or slow down any selection within After Effects. Layers, keyframes, or entire comps.

Here are some cool features of Speed:

Easy controls

Speed UI

Speed is easy to use right away. At the center of the panel is a slider that will be your main control. This makes it feel as familiar as stretching a layer right within your timeline.

Speed also features a responsive layout, designed to fit any workspace.

Control any selection

Whether you are adjusting a selection of layers, keyframes, or an entire comp – Speed works how you’d expect.

Everything Speed can do with layers, it can do with keyframe selections too.

Live previews

When adjusting the Speed of something, you’ll see exactly how long it will be right within the timeline.

The CTI shows what the new end point of the selection will be.

Reverse time

Make things go backwards without messing up the selection start time.

Everything is backwards, but the selection start time and end time remain the same.

Change speed from any direction

By default things stretch from left to right, but you can quickly change this to extend from the middle or right to left.

Snap to the nearest frame

No more half frames. Snap all your keyframes and in/out points to actual frames on the fly.

Nudge adjacent layers or keyframes

The layers to the right of the selection get nudged, without their speed changing.

Revisions just got way easier. Make anything longer or shorter and automatically nudge the adjacent layers.

Automatically adjust comp or layer duration

When adjusting layers or comps, you can automatically adjust the comp time accordingly.

Similarly, when adjusting keyframes, you can automatically adjust the layer time accordingly.

Adjust comps within comps within comps...

When making changes to pre-comps, Speed will go into that comp and adjust everything. If there are pre-comps within that comp, Speed will keep going.

Shift sound without stretching it

Each audio layer automatically shifts based on the marker or the layer in point.

When adjusting a selection with audio layers, Speed will shift the layers accordingly, but not distort the sound itself. That means all your SFX will remain perfectly in sync.

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