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September 20, 2022

How to animate numbers in After Effects with Num

Num is a preset that lets you easily format and animate numbers inside After Effects.

With Num you can control your number via a simple slider, while giving you complete control over the formatting, including:

  • Custom thousand separator
  • Custom decimal separator
  • Custom decimal places
  • Leading or trailing symbol
  • Financial formatting
  • Fixed leading digits

Num Pro includes all the free features, while unlocking several more:

  • Monospacing (with non-monospaced fonts)
  • Big number abbreviators
  • Exponential counting

All the features of Num Pro are also included in Type.

To use Num, simply apply the preset within a comp or to an existing text layer. Add keyframes, to animate the number property. Then customize the formatting all through the Num (or Num Pro) effect panel.

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