Typewriter+ Guide

Learn how to use Typewriter+ to animate text being typed out in After Effects.

How to install Typewriter+

Download the Typewriter+ preset and drag the Typewriter+.ffx file to:

Documents → Adobe → After Effects 2023* → User Presets

* or your current version

Inside After Effects, navigate to the Effects & Presets window. You should be able to find the preset by searching "typewriter+". If not, open the dropdown menu and select "Refresh List."

How to use Typewriter+

Step 1 - Apply preset

With a text layer selected, apply the Typewriter+ preset.

Step 2 - Adjust keyframes

By default, Typewriter+ will add 2 “Animation” keyframes. One set to 0% at the current time indicator and one set to 100% 2.5 seconds ahead.

You can edit these keyframes and add more to adjust the speed of the typewriting animation.

Step 3 - Change animation basis (optional)

By default, Typewriter+ will animate in one character at a time. You can change this setting to animate the text based on words or lines.


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