After Effects Preset
Animate text being typed in by character, word, or line in After Effects.



How it works

Step 1. Apply preset

With a text layer selected, apply the Typewriter+ preset.

Step 2. Adjust keyframes

Edit the keyframes to adjust the speed of the typewriting animation.

Step 3. Change animation basis (optional)

By default, Typewriter+ will animate in one character at a time. You can change this setting to animate the text based on words or lines.


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How is this different than the default Typewriter preset?

The default Typewriter preset only hides/reveals characters. This means that text won’t be set properly (center and right aligned). It also means that other tools and presets that rely on sourceRectAtTime() won’t work, since the bounding box of the text never changes.

Why am I getting an expression error?

Make sure your expression engine is set to JavaScript.

File > Project Settings > Expression Engine > Expressions > JavaScript