Texture Hop


Texture Hop

After Effects Preset
Automatically animate textures in After Effects & Premiere Pro.



All you need to make animated textures

Texture Hop automatically animates any image based on its size and the size of your comp to create a randomized texture loop.

Download for free

⚡️ Control speed (fps)

↔ Randomize position

🌀 Randomize rotation

🪞 Randomize reflection

↗️ Randomize scale

🌌 Use on any image

Animated textures made with Texture Hop

Upgrade to Texture Hop Pro

💸 Everything from free version

🎞 Premiere Pro MOGRT version

🌫 10 high resolution (5616 x 3744) textures

10 high resolution textures included with Texture Hop Pro


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Can I use any image?

Yes. Texture Hop works on any image. The bigger, the better.

Why is my image getting clipped?

If your image is getting clipped then it is likely too small to work with your current configuration.

You can try increasing the scale of your image, disabling randomize rotation, or decreasing the size of your comp.

How can I use the textures that come with the pro version?

Texture Hop Pro includes 10 high resolution textures.

You are free to use these textures in any project (with or without Texture Hop).

You may not sell these textures on their own.