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November 28, 2022

How to animate text layers with Type

Type is an After Effects Script UI Panel that helps you animate text layers.

I designed the UI to feel just as familiar as the Character & Paragraph panels inside After Effects, while packing a lot of power under the hood.

Here’s a quick breakdown of each button and what it does.


Originally a preset, Typewriter+ animates text being typed out. You can animate in by character, word, or line. Easily adjust the speed of the animation by moving the keyframes or changing the default speed setting.

Blinking text cursor

The cursor button lets you add a blinking cursor to the end of your text. You can customize the cursor appearance and blinking speed. Works alongside Typewriter+ function.

Vertical text align

The up button makes your text flow up (instead of down) based on line breaks within your text.

Highlight, Underline, & Strikethrough

Text markup functions like highlight, underline, and strikethrough have been missing from After Effects until now. You can apply any of the effects to an entire text layer or select a specific range within your text layer.

Hold shift + click to animate the effect in automatically.

Get Rect

Originally a standalone preset, Get Rect helps you make a perfect box around your text. You can customize the box and it will automatically conform to your text layer.

Hold shift + click to create a static rectangle.


Originally a standalone preset, Num helps you animate and format numbers automatically. Add thousand separators, symbols, abbreviators and more.


Originally a standalone preset, Count helps you animate automatic time counters. Count up or down – no keyframes required.


The monospace button lets you make any text monospaced, regardless of font.

Split Text

Split text lets you split text into multiple layers.

Click to separate by word.

Hold shift + click to separate by line.

Hold CMD/CTRL + shift + click to separate by character.

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